We invite you to join us on May 4, 2018, on Monument Circle!

This event expects to reach over 500 people.
Become a vendor or sponsor to obtain maximum exposure.
This year, we will feature The Pit Stop Games, to raise funds for children to attend Happy Hollow Camp. 

  • Ever dream of racing around the oval track of Indy 500?
  • Ever want to race at over 200 MPH?
  • Ever wonder how those pit stop crews work their magic?

Well, keep wondering! But if you want to pretend you did all of the above, you can join the fun at Indiana World Asthma Day Pit Stop Games. Gather a team of friends, co-workers or family. Make yourselves a nifty “race car” and try to answer the asthma questions at each” pit stop” and add “equipment” to your car and race around the track in the fastest time. Entry for a team of 4 is $100, and 100% of the proceeds will go to Happy Hollow Camp.


The Indiana World Asthma Day-  Pit Stop Asthma Games – THE RULES 

The Indiana World Asthma Day is an event to bring attention to the burden of asthma in Indiana. The purpose of the Pit Stop Asthma Games is to bring awareness by educating the population on some key asthma facts and to raise money for the children who attend the Happy Hollow Asthma Camp.

The game will consist of a 4-member team – working together to assemble a race car.
Each piece of the car will contain a question, once the team member answers the question correctly, they will be given the next piece in the assembly. Once the car is completely assembled, the team will have to cross the finish line. The team with the fastest time out of the ten teams competing will be considered the winner. Each team will bring their own decorated team car. InJAC will provide the “Tires,” “Engine,” and” Steering Wheel.” The crowd will vote for the “Best in Show” (best looking car) by coin voting.

  1. Teams will select a “Driver” this person will “drive” the car from the pit stop. The stations will be 1 foot apart.
  2. The Driver will get “into” the car, which will be a lightweight cardboard material (less than 5lbs)
  3. “Turn one” team member “pit crew” will answer the first question, once the correct answer is given the team member can place the tires on the car.
  4. “Turn two” the next “pit crew” member will load the “engine” in the car after answering the next question correctly
  5. “Turn three” the next “pit crew” member will insert wheel after answering the question correctly
  6. Once all the parts are on the car, the team must travel beside the car with at least one hand touching, all members – travel pass “turn four.”
  7. To cross the finish line, the team must continue touching the car, and answer a final question.
  8. If the team member fails to answer correctly, an automatic deduction of 5 secs will be applied to their finishing time.
  9. The team with the fastest time will be determined the winner of the race.

The team that has the “crowd favorite” car will win Best in Show

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