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InJAC is made up of volunteer members who choose one or two specialty areas (work groups), where they can most effectively lend their expertise. Each Work Group has the goal of tackling issues that fall within their purview, as well as supporting the efforts of other Work Groups when efforts can be combined for greater impact.

conference + events

The Conferences + Events Work Group concentrates on planning InJAC conferences and events as well as promoting events relevant to our mission. This includes securing sponsorships and grants to be used for promotion and marketing of InJAC.

asthma team-based care

The Asthma Team-Based Care Work Group created the statewide AMP. Provided management and oversight to the AMP. This group created surveys that are being sent to all Indiana School Nurses about the state of asthma in their schools and their students’ usage of ANY AMP/AAP. The goal is to measure the results and implementation of the AMP and online training/parent videos.

tobacco-free living + environment

This group will focus on Environmental Justice with the goal of addressing outdoor and indoor air quality. This group will partner with county tobacco coalitions state wide to assist with the adoption of smoke-free multi-unit housing complexes.

medicaid asthma educator

The Medicaid Asthma Educator Work Group is working towards creating a program that provides Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement for asthma educators in Indiana. We are utilizing data from other states, advocating with policy makers that have been successful in this effort and work together to make this a national practice.

InJAC Advisory Team

The InJAC advisory team is appointed members and consist of organization leadership, work group leads and other subject matter experts.

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