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  • Cindy Fiscus
    Cindy Fiscus RN, AE-C, Asthma Coordinator | Riley Hospital


    “Multifaceted Quality Improvement Initiative to Decrease Pediatric Asthma Readmissions”, Nadia Krupp, MD, Cindy Fiscus RN, Russell Webb, RRT, Emily C Webber, MD, Teresa Stanley RN, Rebecca Pettit, Pharm D,  Journal of Asthma Januray 2017


    “Reduction in Pediatric Rehospitalization via Paramedic Home Visit Program”, N. Krupp, A. Stevens, K. Allgood, C. Fiscus, E. Weinstein, J. Walthall.  Presented at the American Thoracic Society Conference, May 2015.

    “Treat The Streets:  A Paramedic Home Visit Program for Reducing Pediatric Asthma Readmission”, C. Fiscus, N. Krupp, E. Weinstein, J. Walthall, A. Stevens,  Association of Asthma Educators, 2015.

    “Monthly Triamcinolone Acetonide for Severe, Refractory, Life-Threatening Asthma in Children”, N.Krupp, A. Weist, C. Fiscus

    RN, AE-C

    I am the Asthma Coordinator for Riley Children’s Hospital.  I run the High Risk asthma Clinic along with programing for asthma both in patient and outpatient.


    Passed the AE-C test and will be up for renewal in 7/2019.

    I attend multiple CME lectures yearly including the National AAAAI conferences

    12 months- 18 years

    Feedback and evaluations

    No travel indicated

  • Lisa Cauldwell
    Lisa Cauldwell Indoor Air Team Leader

    2005 Lead Safe Indiana Award (now is called the Healthy Homes Award) Presented at the IKE conference. Award was for my work with asthmatics, not for lead activities.

    Indiana Emergency Medical Services for Children Pediatric Hero Award, 2015

    Comprehensive School-Based Childhood Asthma Intervention Feasibility Study

    A. Johnson MSN, F. Leickly MD, M. Michel MSN, M. Smith PhD., S. Cummings MSW, L. Cauldwell

    (I can’t find where it was actually published by I believe it was in 1998?

    My profession as an indoor air/environmental specialist looks at the home and school environment for conditions that may impact asthma patients.  I get beyond basic bullet points to the more specific problems.

    I am not a certified asthma educator; however I have been working with asthma patients for over 20 years.  I was a founding member of both the Asthma Alliance of Indianapolis (1997) and InJAC.

    I’ve attended numerous workshops, conferences, and webinars on environmental issues and the connection to asthma.  I do not hold specific asthma certifications.

    I’m constantly seeking information about new research and projects on environmental asthma issues.  I do participate in national asthma networks.

    I’ve worked in public health since 1990. I’ve been in homes from the most underprivileged of our community to the most affluent.  Working with different levels of socio-ecological populations on a daily bases and meeting them where they are (both physically and emotionally) is great preparation for being able to address the issues impacting our clients and their asthma.

    I primarily work with adults.  Even if the client of concern is a child, I usually am working with adults about the status of the environment.  I do include things children can do and should avoid from an environmental perspective.

    If it is part of a large group presentation, the larger group sometimes has a pre/post test.  However, I usually do not have a formal evaluation piece for my presentations.  Personal evaluation is how many questions are asked and if request for services increase.

    50 Miles

  • Vicky Hicks
    Vicky Hicks Asthma Educator | IU Health Bloomington Hospital

    Pulmonary Press

    I work as my hospital’s Asthma Educator in mainly the In-Patient realm but occasionally with Out-Patients.

    December 2009 was my professional certification date but I have been involved in asthma patient education since the 1970’s.

    Associate degree in Respiratory Therapy.  I am also a RRT and have 3 additional years of college courses.

    I keep up on advances in Asthma treatment and diagnosis by careful review of asthma publications.

    0-8 but a lot of adults as well.

    Teach back method primarily but discussion with the patients as well.

    100 Miles

  • Janet Moore
    Janet Moore Community Respiratory Educator + Care Navigator | Parkview Health

    2015 Finalist Jackson Healthcare, Asthma Education and Management Program; 2013 EPA National Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management; 2009 Asthma Safe Indiana Award from IKE;

    Respiratory Therapist for almost 35 years

    I started providing Asthma Education in 1997 for Parkview Health.

    Experience, Years of service, Meeting people “where they’re at”, Motivational Interviewing,

    All age groups, and ethnicities

    Post test, or evaluation,

    100 Miles

  • Theresa Beanblossom
    Theresa Beanblossom Registered Respiratory Therapist, Certified Asthma Educator | Franciscan Health

    I am a nationally Certified Asthma Educator and also a nationally Certified COPD Educator.

    I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist and I do education as a large part of my job.

    I began as an Asthma Educator in 1997 but didn’t get Certified until 2013.

    I have had my college training in Respiratory Care and then I have had training specifically in Asthma Management.  My Certification is good until 2022.

    I attend Continuing Education events and work closely with my medical director who is a Pulmonologist.

    My training had specific lessons about communications and caring for patients from diverse backgrounds. I have also worked for 32 years with patients from all ethnic, racial, age and socio-economical levels.

    All.  I see parents of infants and toddlers to train them to see signs of respiratory distress in their children.  I teach children of all ages and adults all the way through the elderly.  Some have Asthma and others have COPD or some other chronic lung disease.

    Usually with a survey but also with feedback and participation from my patients.

    25 Miles


  • Lori Haug
    Lori Haug Disease Management Program Manager | MDWise

    My profession is RN. I provide educational materials to our members as well as work with internal departments including Pharmacy and Care Management Staff

    I am not an Asthma Educator

    Population Age Group: 0-64

    Willing to travel up to 50 miles.

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